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  • Spray micromotors
  • Suction micromotors
  • C Micro micromotors

    High quality durable Nails Drills 

    Even more precise, ergonomic and powerful: the Drills line manufactured by MARIOTTI, is ideal for high performance and handling at the same time. Improved the mechanical precision, low noise, lightness and durability thanks to the careful protection against the dust and the very strong new automatic bits locking system in stainless steel.

  • Cordless micromotors

    Drill for nails, podology, dental repairs.
    With rechargeable battery of long life and high performance

  • X2 micromotors

    High performance for Podiatry, Beauty and Dental 

    Mariotti & C. introduces the new line of micromotors "X2 Series", capable of meeting the professional requirements. Several sectors make use of these products: podiatry, beauty, goldsmith, dental.
    The electric motor, the precision-made mechanical parts of the handpiece and the electronic components used, can guarantee high outputs.

  • Milling Cutter Bits...

    Perfect for MARIOTTI drills and compatibles with others standard drills