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Guided Implant Surgery

Published : 10/10/2010 14:38:23
Categories : Courses

Lecturers: Dr. Marco Montanaribrv6_particolare_sito

The guided surgery is one of the most important innovations in the implant surgery field and now more than ever it’s a procedure to be let into the routine of every dental surgeon.

The course aims, retracing the experience that the speakers have gained in this sector over the years, to show the important benefits of the guided surgery through the use of milling-machine Bravo 6 and Implant 3D software (BravoGuide system).

It will be shown the procedure of realization of the radiographic and surgical guide, the use of the burs holder device with the standard implant kit and the presentation of the clinical cases in order to stimulate discussion among the participants.

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Course schedule

It’s articulated through a day of theory and practice with a patient (performed by the lecturer and projected in live surgery). The participants will be guided through the creation of a whole case of computer assisted implant surgery following the BravoGuide system:
• patient visitsurgical_guide_pic_sito
• evaluation of edentulous areas
• execution of a silicone impression and realization of the radiographic guide
• CT scan (volumetric CT, cone beam CT): potentiality and limits
• why it is important to guide the implant placement
• how to use the implant simulation software and comparison of the benefits in respect to the traditional techniques
• how to convert the radiographic guide to the surgical guide
• the use of the innovative burs-holder compatible with any surgical burs kit

Course duration

1 day(8 hours)

Who is it for

dentists, surgeons, dental-technicians

Course fee

300 € (only dentist or only dental-technician)

450 € (dentist + dental-technician)

Max participants


Course Location

Dental Clinic Montanari-De Crescenzo-Montanari

Via Risorgimento 244 / A 47121 Forlì - ITALY

Info, dates and inscriptions - tel. +39 054368910 - mob. +39 3282178427

Advanced course


In association with the basic course we organize one additional day where the participant completes a guided implant surgery using the BravoGuide system on a patient provided by the lecturer or by the participant. The participant will be guided step by step in the implementation of the operation. The lecturer, who will be at his side, will assist him during the various surgical steps.
The target of the course will be highly pragmatic with an informal experiences sharing to develop confidential discussion and interaction.

The costs will be agreed with the lecturer

For more details on the Bravo 6 milling-machine and BravoGuide system click here

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