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Motor for minimally invasive foot surgery

Designed and manufactured in Italy, MiniUNIKO G combines ease of use and practicality with top torque performance, full safety and operating precision.

Constant top performance

  • Newest generation brushless motor
  • Electronic control with accurate adjustment of speed and torque up to 40,000 rpm and 80 Ncm
  • Extended service life of parts that require autoclave sterilization: motor, cable and connector.
    New special motor protection for sterilization.


um.b-03 eng


  • control unit with large display (art. MUN.UG)
  • autoclavable micromotor ISO3964 connection (art. UM.B) with straight handpiece 1:1 (art. MD)
  • micromotor support (art. SA)
  • activation pedal (art. PD.PZ). Optional multifunctional pedal (art. PVAR):PVAR



Autoclavable 1:1 straight handpiece


In accordance with the New Guidelines of the Ministry of Health of 28/03/2013, relating to health advertising for medical devices, the user is advised that the information contained therein is intended exclusively for professional operators.


Power supply230 V - 50/60 Hz (110 V option)
InsulationClass I, BF type
Control Unitmm 235 x 255 x 104
Speed400-40000 rpm (1:1)
Torqueup to 4 Ncm (1:1 reduction), 70 Ncm (20:1 reduction)
Absorbed power106 VA
Main functionsSpeed regulation, torque, reduction ratio; reverse; programs