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Evolution of Brushless Micromotors.

Mariotti staff presents the new sensorless brushless laboratory micromotor that represents a true evolution in technology and performance.

The MOSQUITO micromotor is a new generation sensorless brushless device that guarantees excellent performances.
Maximum robustness, very high torque at all speeds, unstoppable for the hardest works.
Very high precision mechanical parts and accurate control-unit with display to graphically visualize the speed.
Special internal protection to prevent dust entering.
Silent and no vibrations handpiece.

Why choose MOSQUITO:

* Maximum strength
* High Tork at all speeds
* Ideal for the toghest jobs
* Suitable for metal and denture




Power supply230 V; 50/60 Hz
Fusesnr.2 T 2A L 250V
Control UnitDMS 21x19x9,5 CM
HandpieceLength 152 mm; Diam.max 28,5 mm; Weight 250 g
Speed50.000 rpm
Torque7,8 Ncm
Absorbed power170 W

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